5" SIGNATURE Orca by Johnysa Mathewsie *Beta*

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Johnysa Mathewsie

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Inuit art: Orca Whale
Inuit Artist: Johnysa Mathewsie
Size: 5" across, 4" wide, 2" deep
Community: Cape Dorset, NU 11/22
Material: White Marble / Serpentine
id: b-30180fhjy

**Johnnysa Mathewsie SIGNATURE Orca carving

Masterpiece Sculpture!  Magnificent Movement!

Beta is the next edition of Johnnysa's magnificent Orac carvings.

If you love Orcas and prefer your Inuit carvings to be realistic, then Beta is all yours.

Beta is darting through the frigid Arctic waters, around rocks and meandering schools of fish. 

Beta's pure white underbelly and black/green  back and head are iconic.

Anyone who loves whales knows the black and white colouring of the Orca.

Johnnysa's has applied a finish to Beta that simulates water dripping off Beta's thick shiny hide..

Beta is so true to life I find myself holding my breath waiting for Beta to break the surface of the water.. 


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