6" SIGNATURE Orca by Johnnysa Mathewsie *Frozen in Time*

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Inuit art: Orca Whale
Inuit Artist: Johnnysa Mathewsie
Size: 5" across, 4" wide, 3" deep
Community: Cape Dorset, NU 21
Stone: White Marble / Serpentine
id: dfa-63440fjjy

**Johnnysa Mathewsie SIGNATURE Orca carving

Masterpiece Sculpture!  Magnificent Movement!

Do you know what I love about Inuit Art?

Just when I think I've seen the nicest piece of my life... I am amused, surprised, and astonished to come across a sculpture that is even nicer.

This Orca is such a piece.

This is the sculpture de jour. The one that feeds my curator/collector  addiction for the next great piece of art.

Johnnysa Mathewsie is the creator of this magnificent Orca. 

This magnificent mammal is emerging from the ocean with a powerful thrust. When a whale pokes it head up out of the water and turns around, this is called spyhopping. 

The pure white underbelly and the large white patches surrounding the eyes are made even whiter by the contrast of the deep green-black colour of the body and the water.

The water is dripping off the thick shiny hide of our Orca. This sculpture is so true to life I am holding my breath as if I just saw a real whale.

Quite frankly, this really is one of the greatest pieces of art that we have ever had in the gallery. I am always mesmerized by the Orcas.

Perhaps it's the sleekness of the animal or the spectacular size and color of the Orcas but they possess an extraordinary post-modern bohemian feel that would easily be at home in a high-rise condo in downtown Toronto or Tribeca NYC.

For all these reasons, I put this piece into the masterpiece category. 

Thank you, Johnnysa Mathewsie.

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