5" Fish Transformation by Clayton Keknek Gjoa Haven *The Eyes Have It*

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Clayton Keknek

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Inuit art: Fish Transformation
Inuit Artist: Clayton Keknek
Size: 5" long, 4" high, 2" deep
Community: Gjoa Haven, NU 21
Material: Stone medium
id: c-176

The intriguing feature of this small fish transformation is his inlaid big yellow eyes.

Nothing gets past this inquisitive carving by Clayton Keknek.

No matter where you stand, he seems to be looking your way in a slightly accusatory way.  

He is as interested in you as you are in him!

Keknek often carves deep repeating lines into his carvings which create ridges that give the piece a three-dimensional look.

The black stone is smooth and cool to the touch.

This may be a smaller piece but its allure is large.

Keknek is a gifted artist.

He loves carving these alien appearing transformations. 

Each one is a character in its own way.

Keknek's art will captivate you and bring you joy.

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