5" Swan by Tony Curley *Gliding*

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Tony Curley

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Inuit art: Swan
Inuit Artist: Tony Curley
Size: 4.5" long, 3" tall
Community: Cape Dorset, NU 21
Stone: Marble Serpentine
id: j-AL67579bgj

Masterpiece Sculpture!

Tony Curley is internationally recognized for his bird carvings.

Swans are one of Tony Curley's favorite subjects. 

This swimming swan is a beautiful  example of Curley's carving style with its compact, simplified form. The lines of the swan are crisp and yet Curley conveys serenity and calm with this elegant piece.

There is a reverence surrounding this sophisticated swan. Tony has chosen a beautiful complex green, black and white stone for his sculpture. The result is an earthy sophistication. 

The more you watch this piece, the more you feel its slow movement as it gently paddles through the water.  

It is a testament to the artist when you feel and see movement in the carving.

Tony Curley is renowned for his graceful and peaceful bird sculptures.

A majestic addition to your art collection or a lovely gift to a special person.

Is your precious carving chipped on the beak?  

Your cherished swan can be restored to perfection.  See our Carving Restoration and Repair department.


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