5" Dancing Bear by Kelly Etidloie *Marvel*

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Kelly Etidloie

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Inuit art: Dancing Bear
Inuit Artist: Kelly Etidloie
Size: 5" tall, 3" wide
Community: Cape Dorset, NU 7/22
Stone: Serpentine
id: dfa-N7799Pbejy

I think it's obvious that the single most alluring feature of this Adamie Dancing bear is the colour of the stone.

Not just the colour, but the pattern of the colour.

How is it possible that Adamie has been able to "ombrage" the back of the bear's paws?

Ombrage is a technique of fading a dark colour into a light colour.

Dark green is a common colour for Inuit carvings but there is something about this particular green that is extraordinary.

I haven't been able to define what it is but I wonder if you feel it too?

Marvel is unbelievably stunning.


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