5" Serpent by Markosie Papigatok *SSSSSam*

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Markosie Papigatok

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Inuit art: Serpent
Inuit Artist: Markosie Papigatok
Size: 5" long, 3" wide
Community: Cape Dorset, NU 11/22
Stone: Serpentine & Caribou Bone
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Of course, I don't expect that Inuit carvers only focus on Arctic animals and birds but Markosie's snake sculpture made me wonder?

Are there snakes in Canada's Far North/Arctic?

No! Of course not! How could there be? Snakes are cold blooded and the Arctic is too cold!

And THEN,  ,   ,   .

After a bit of research, the answer to the question of are there snakes in the Arctic is YES!!!!!!!!

The snake species found the most northernly is the Common European Adder, found in the Arctic Circle. I believe the Adder is found in Great Britain, Europe and Russia.  I'm not sure about Canada.

They survive through hibernation for long perioids and forming groups of snakes ( sometimes over 100) share their heat as they hibernate together.

Did I mention they are poisonous?

One last thing.  

There are other snake species like Himalayan Pit Vipers, Smooth snakes and Grass snakes can that live under cold circumstances.

SSSSSam is an intriguing soul.

His long tongue (made from Caribou bone) is examining his surroundings>

He is slithering across the ground on a mission to get home. 

With his wide innocent eyes and curious demeanour, SSSSSAm is a gentle soul who is ready to slither into your life.


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