4" Eel by Frank Ulluluq Gjoa Haven *Lurking Sea Creature*

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Frank Ulluluq

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Inuit art: Sea Creature
Inuit Artist: Frank Ulluluq
Size: 4" high, 2.5" wide, 2" deep
Community: Gjoa Haven, NU 20
Stone: Serpentinite & Caribou bone
id: c-139

This is an unusual yet fascinating piece.

We are still unsure of what exactly this animal is but it is likely a sea creature (perhaps a Moray eel) that is quietly lying in a stony crevasse waiting to viciously attack an unsuspecting prey with its fiendish teeth. 

The mottled green and black stone suggests the creature is covered in a mucoid slime found only in the depths of the cold sea.

Ulluluq reminds us of the danger that lurks in hidden places.

This is a gorgeous Gjoa Haven piece that is a sharp contrast to the "joyful and innocent" pieces in your collection.

See our notes on The Gjoa Haven Collection.


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