36" Mother & Child riding on Bird Whalebone Collage by World Famous James Alivaktuk

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J. Alivaktuk

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Inuit art: Mother & Child riding on Bird
Inuit Artist: James Alivaktuk
Size: 30" across20" Tall, 16" deep (Large Centrepiece)
Community: Pangirtung, NU
Stone: Mixed Media Whale bone
id: ndc-191-179089gajjy

** This item is Eligible for Layaway Plan

We can only ship this sculpture within Canada due to international restrictions on whalebone.

Provenance: This storied piece is a set of two whalebone pieces recently carved from by Alivaktuk. A well known carver from the distant community - Pangirtung, NU. They are this years prized pieces. A Carving for the ages that will one day go into a museum.

In this piece, from a real whale vertebra, Alivaktuk brilliantly renders a mother and child being protected by the bird Sedna. The Inuk is nestled inside of the bird wearing him as a hoodie of some sorts. Her and her child are being protected  by the harshness of the Arctic tundra.

The theme of this piece is beyond masterful. It defines Inuit art and belongs in a museum. The quintessential detail outline the close relation between man and mammal.

This is one of two pieces in a series of creations recently derived by the duo master artists, notably known for their whale bone creations in majestic formats.

In all my years as an Inuit art dealer, there are a few pieces that have come into the gallery that actually left me speechless. This is one of them. It is a piece that is in a category all on its own. The kind of piece that one day, you will see listed for $40,000 + in an Inuit art auction.

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