32" Masterpiece Sedna Sea Goddess by Paul Bruneau

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Paul Bruneau

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Art: Sedna Sea Goddess
Artist: Paul Bruneau
Size: 32" high, 12", 12" wide. Weight: 152.2 lbs
Community: Timmins, ON
id: D-7738djjjy

Paul Bruneau is a Ojibway native and a member of the Mattagami First Nations Reserve.

 ** This item is Eligible for Layaway Plan

***Museum Piece

Provenance - December 2019

Paul Bruneau came to my new gallery for the first time. Amongst his carved treasures was his Sedna Sea Goddess. I have NEVER seen a nude female figure in the Inuit Art world until now.  The Ancient Greeks were the masters of sculpting the human form. Sedna is the epitome of the Classical nude female form.  Paul’s genius is reflected in her majesty.


Sea Goddess is one of the Gallery’s first Large Carvings (see Inuit Art Blog)

Provenance - December 2019

Paul Bruneau makes his first visit to my new Gallery. This is when I first lay eyes on his extraordinary Sedna Sea Goddess. Until this moment, I had NEVER seen a nude female figure in the Inuit Art world. Sea Goddess has all the features of the Classical Greek style. Paul’s genius is manifested in her majesty.

Paul’s talent is fresh and original. Every time I see one of his new carvings, I see his creativity broadening and intensifying. Bruneau is a true trailblazer.

Over the years, my tastes have greatly evolved. I now truly appreciate sculptures like this... pieces that tell a story and are timeless.

Goddess is a piece for the ages. She has a Classical female form which is a rare and unexpected aesthetic in the Inuit art world.

Bruneau magically takes Goddess to the height of female voluptuousness.

Her bosom is resplendent and her hips wide and firm. When viewed from the back, her femininity is compelling. Her waist is so slim. Her shoulders and hips are powerful and well muscled. And still her feminine softness is overwhelmingly present.

The details and rich colouring of the stone is an inseparable and integral element of Goddess. Bruneau has masterminded the colour variations within the stone to emphasize and adorn the feminine curves of the sculpture as if she was draped with luxurious silk.

Just like the Classical Greek sculptures, Sea Goddess is characterized by a joyous freedom of movement and freedom of expression. Her proportions are perfect and symmetrical. And like all Classical Greek sculptures, she celebrates mankind as an entity separate from the gods.

The Classical period of Ancient Greece produced some of the most exquisite sculptures the world has ever seen. I think you will agree that Paul Bruneau’s Goddess is a classical Masterpiece.

A sculpture of this magnitude is deserving of undivided attention and reflection.

She could be placed on her own platform in an Embassy or a concert hall. I see her as the centre of attention in the reception room of a business or luxury hotel. Or Goddess could simply be a welcome part of your home or vacation property.

After all, Sea Goddess tells the timeless story of feminine appeal and the physical presence of womankind.

I am excited for my clients, many of whom are fervent collectors.

Sea Goddess is a rare and perhaps slightly controversial beauty.

She WILL change your collection and provide you with years of joy.



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