30" Mother and Calf Narwhals by Inuk Charlie

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Inuk Charlie

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Inuit Art: Narwhal
Artist: Inuk Charlie
Dimensions: 30" long, (including 10" tusk), 12" high, 8" wide.17 lbs
(Calf whale is half the size approximately)
Community: Taloyoak
Stone: Serpentine
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***Museum Piece

Provenance December 2019 - I was told by the coop Manager that Inuk Charlie studied the tone, coloration and look of the narwhal skin. He specifically went through much trouble to find a specific stone with a speckled finish to capture the realism of the Narwhals coloration.

One of the very best Inuit artists of our time. Inuk Charlie captures the sense of motion, tone, and subtlety which has produced the very finest set of Narwhals this gallery has ever seen.

First time we received carvings from Inuk Charlie in about 10 years.

Inuk Charlie is one of the best and most famous Inuit artist.

Done in an exquisite stone, these two narwhals are lifelong. We could not bring ourselves to separate these two whales, therefore we insist they come together a sa set.

The stone is so accurate in color and tone to the colors of a real life Narwhal. On the Mother Narwhal, the speckled stone looks incredibly accurate to that of a real narwhal. The atomic proportions are absolutely perfect. Inuk Charlie nailed it by providing us with real life looking narwhals. 

Both narwhals are so anatomically perfect that it renders the accuracy of the mammal in movement like no other. The coloration is explosive with hues of greys. The actual tusk is made of reindeer antler and deepens the coloration of the narwhal.

This work's poignancy can be partly explained by its relative rawness; In this intriguingly ambiguous work, Charlie brilliantly fuses surface texture and form into this piece. He proves that texture need not be applied simply as decoration or as a "realistic detail". When applied wisely it can become an integral element of the form in itself. The result is an almost heraldic composition.

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