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Bart Hanna

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Inuit art: Sedna Spirit of the Sea Totem
Inuit Artist: Bart Hanna
Size: 27" tall8" wide, 7" deep, 36.6 lbs
Community: Iqaluit, NU
Stone: Marble / Ivory
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Museum Quality Sculpture!

U.S. buyer cannot purchase this piece due to ivory restrictions from Canadian Government Customs.  We ship only to a Canadian address.

This Bart Hanna sculpture is a treasure. In the last decade, Bart Hanna has become an international superstar and an elite Master Carver. 


To be able to find a Bart Hanna sculpture of this calibre is near impossible.

"Of this calibre" is the operative phrase.

There are three Inuit artists who have taken the unusual step of paying homage to their ancient pasts.  These artists are Bart Hanna, Abraham Ruben and Jonasie Faber.

Ruben and Faber have acknowledged their ancient Viking-Thule roots in their carvings.

I would like to propose a theory about Bart and his Sedna.

When I saw this carving for the first time, I immediately realized that Hanna was a genius.  This is one  of the most unusual and beautiful Inuit sculptures I have ever seen.

Why unusual?  I believe that unlike no other Inuit carver, Bart is paying homage to the Classical Greek Carvers.

Classical features usually include male subjects, prominent muscles, anonymous and blank faces. The eyes usually stare and do not make contact with the viewer. The face is symmetrical.

Our face has the blank, symmetrical and staring eyes. The facial features appear Caucasian; long, narrow, angular nose, cherubic lips, square chin.  

The totem headpiece is strictly Inuit. The exquisite embroidery of the ivory tusk includes a walrus brandishing tiny, menacing tusks.  The male head is decidedly Inuit with his angled eyes, wide nose and prominent lips.

Sednas are usually female maternal beings,

Perhaps this is a female sculpture. Not all Classical sculptures are male. Perhaps Bart has deliberately carved an "anonymous" or androgenous face so the viewer can consider the possibility that this piece is a combination of Classical Greek carving and Inuit carving.  

This is piece of art paying tribute to two ancient cultures. This is why I think this sculpture is so unusual. Would you agree the combination of the two cultures is unprecedented?

You are unlikely to see another piece like this again.  Unless it comes from Bart Hanna.

Can you imagine this treasure in your collection? Prepare to have many discussions around this quiet and contemplative figure.

Bart Hanna is part of a small elite circle of Inuit Master Carvers because of his trailblazing talent and ingenuity.


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