23" Masterpiece Wolf Heart by Toonoo Sharky

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Toonoo Sharky

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Inuit art: Wolf Heart
Inuit Artist: Toonoo Sharky
Size: 23" long, 8" tall, 8" deep, 42 lbs
Community: Cape Dorset, NU
Stone: Serpentine 
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Few animals on Earth evoke such strong emotions as the wolf, or have suffered so much as a result of misunderstanding. In spite of the wolf’s fierce reputation, it is a shy, intelligent and elusive creature.

The Arctic wolf lives its life above the northern tree line in the Arctic tundra of North America and Greenland.

Arctic wolves have adapted to their harsh environment by developing smaller ears, growing fur on the bottom of their paws and carrying a much thicker layer of fat on their torso.

When I first saw Toonoo Sharkey’s Arctic Wolf sculpture, I had to have it!
Sharkey’s interpretation of the Arctic wolf is stellar and forward thinking.

Everything is perfect!

The dark green colours interspersed with hues of rich oranges explode when exposed to light.
This is one of the most brilliantly coloured pieces from Dorset that I have ever seen.

If there was one reason to have this piece in your collection, it would be to feast your eyes on these colours for every day of your life.

Enter the crisp white eyes brimming with savagery. They are focussed on their intent to kill.
(Did you know that the Arctic wolf preys on Muskoxen?)

Our wolf is crouched, patiently waiting to propel himself forward and destroy his prey.

This is truly a one of a kind Wolf. Even if you commissioned Sharkey to make another wolf, there will NEVER be another piece like this one. There are so many factors in play that most masterpieces happen almost by accident.

Every diverse Inuit carving collection includes a Toonoo Sharkey piece. He is an internationally master carver..... a superstar artist. His large pieces (like this one) are in a class of their own.

Each of them could easily be classified as museum quality. We are so honoured to have several large Sharkey sculptures in the Studio at the moment.

I am so enamoured with these sculptures (with their beauty and investment potential) that I search for these magnificent carvings so my clients can easily acquire them for their collections.

These wonderfully crafted art pieces magically enhance almost any design style from modern to tradition to eclectic.

This is your moment to reward yourself with the heart and soul of this unforgettable art piece.


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