22" Walking Bear by Nuna Parr *On Patrol*

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Nuna Parr

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Inuit art: Walking Bear
Inuit Artist: Nuna Parr
Size: 22" across (paw to nose) 16" Horizontal, 15" Tall, 14" Deep Weight: 38.6 lbs
Community: Cape Dorset, NU 21
Stone: Dark Serpentine
id: b-27036gbejy

** This item is Eligible for Layaway Plan

Masterpiece Sculpture!  Museum quality Piece! 

NOTE** The Co-op has advised us that there is a strong possibility that this is the very last Nuna Parr carving available for sale to the galleries. Unfortunately, Covid lockdowns have forced many Inuit art galleries into bankruptcy.

PROVENANCE  May 2021 This Masterpiece Nuna Parr Walking bear was on consignment to one of the unfortunate galleries that went bankrupt during the Covid 19 Pandemic.  It was returned to the Co-op and has now found a home in our gallery.

Nuna's last three bears (carved in 2020 and 2021)  were some of the nicest bears we had ever seen. Nuna's bears are adored around the world. Unfortunately, there are fewer and fewer new carvings on the market as Nuna cuts back on the numbers of his carvings. Each new bear could easily be his last one.

This sleek Walking bear is a rare beauty.  Nuna seldom uses dark Serpentine stone because it is extremely dense and  difficult to carve. The more common green serpentine stone is softer and easier to carve.

I suspect that the lockdowns have forced the artists to use up all the stone close to them and now they are using any stone they can access; even stone that is more difficult to use.

Fortunately for us, we actually benefit from this predicament. The depth and complexity of this colour is divine.

The rich dark brown colour suits the realistic style of this majestic beast.  

This bear is muscular and strong.

It has a very traditional well rounded hind end but as it strides over the frozen ocean, we notice that Nuna has also bestowed upon this bear a sleek and sinewy appearance.

This sleekness suggests that either this is a younger bear or a bear just out of hibernation and starting its hunt for food. 

This spectacular large 22" walking bear is a testament to Nuna's moniker as one of Canada's Elite Master Carvers.

Type Nuna Parr into Search at the top of the home page to visit our archive of all the Nuna Parr bears we have had in the gallery in the last 13 years. 

One  picture is worth a million words. This "museum" of Nuna bears will impassion your desire for a Nuna bear in your collection. 

Inuit art enthusiasts understand the "bragging rights" that comes with owning a Nuna Parr bear. 

Simply put, Nuna Parr is the best carver of bears in the world.


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