22" Double Tusk Narwhal by Jaco Ishulutaq *His Majesty*

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Jaco Ishulutak

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Inuit Art: Narwhal
Artist: Jaco Ishulutaq
Dimensions: 22" long, (17" without the tusk), 11" high, 8" wide, 24 lbs
Community: Kimmirut, NU 21
Stone: Serpentine
id: ndc-167-178217bhdjy

Masterpiece Carving!  Museum quality Sculpture!

Did you know that some narwhals have two tusks?

Jaco's carvings are admired for their graceful elegance and their grand stature.

Jaco's obessive attention to detail takes his art from excellent to incredible.

But Jaco's real genius is his storytelling. 

Each Jaco carving is compelled to tell you its story. 

With that very first glance, you hear it whispering to you.

Our Narwhal has lived decades in the cold and harsh Arctic Ocean.  He has survived decades of hunting for food, searching for shelter, avoiding man and his spears.

He has survived. Many have not.

Jaco has chosen a deep dark green for his beast, the colour of constant moisture. This animal is always wet.

The rich yellow are the scars he has suffered over years.  Some are old, from the harpoons that tried to kill him.

Some are recent, from the time he fought with another narwhal. 

This is a large, muscular animal.

The subtle curve of his body and the position of his tail high above his head, reveals his majesty and his pride.

This animal is the king of his sea. 

His exquisite spiralled tusks are is crown. And his weapons. 

Our Narwhal has earned his high rank in the pecking order of the ocean.

Jaco is one of the top master carvers in Inuit art.

His sense of motion and his ingenuity is internationally recognized..

I have seen many narwhal carvings over the years.

Narwhals are one of my favourite animals and I am always looking for that artist who understands and worships them in stone.

Believe me when I tell you, this Narwhal is a stunning Masterpiece.

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