22" Large Standing bear by Louie Makittuq

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Louie Makkituq

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Inuit art: Standing Bear
Inuit Artist: Louie Makittuq
Size: 22" high, 9" wide, 9" deep, 110 lbs.
Community: Gjoa Haven, NU
Material: Stone medium & Caribou bone
id: c-015


This Louie Makittuq bear is large and imposing! This is a carving with mass, with strength, with the spirit of a grizzly bear.

The dark pronounced stone, the beautiful peeping eyes and the overall shear mass and size makes this not only a vintage-like piece, but a highly praised museum piece.

Gjoa Haven is best known as the resting place of the ill-fated Franklin Expedition. This community of carvers is very remote and because of this isolation, they have a wonderfully unique style of carving that adds energy and astonishment to many Inuit art collections.


Louie Makkituq (b 1969) Gjoa Haven, Nunavut

Gjoa Haven is the only settlement on King William Island, located in the Kitikmeot Region of Nunavut. Sculptures from Gjoa Haven often have unpolished look. Also, Gjoa Haven carvers are known for the spiritual nature of their work.

Louie creates a variety of carvings, but he is best known for his standing polar bears. His works are usually carved from soapstone and his pieces have been acquired and exhibited by many galleries across Canada and purchased by collectors around the globe.

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