21" Muskox Horn Narwhal by Paul Malliki *Neptune* CURATOR'S CHOICE

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Paul Malliki

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Inuit art: Narwhal
Inuit Artist: Paul Malliki
Size: 21" high (includes tusk), 17" tall body  8" deep, 6" wide
Community: Repulse Bay, NU 2/24
Stone: Muskox Horn
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Masterpiece Carving! Museum quality Sculpture!

In the last year, we have acquired two large (>24”) Polar bear sculptures from Elite Master Carver Paul Malliki.
Every Malliki sculpture I acquire, seems to out do the previous piece.

But EVERY Malliki piece is a Masterpiece.

Paul is at the peak of his career.. He is one of about five Canadian Inuit Elite Master Carvers.
It is unfathomable that one man can have so much talent.
Recognize that when you see a Malliki sculpture, you are viewing pure genius.

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All collectors will tell you that when you fall in love with art, it happens in an instant.

In that brief moment, you are awestruck; completely mesmerized by your object of desire.

I immediately fell in love with Neptune.

Paul Malliki has transformed the horn of a muskox into a regal, wave riding Narwhal.

I have never seen a muskox horn carving like Neptune!

He stands tall and sleek on his tail, long white "hair" streaming in the wind; balancing body with his fins. 

His Narwhal tusk is precise and perfect in proportion.

This exquisite carving has the perfect technical qualities we have come to expect from Paul Maliki.

Paul is a Canadian treasure whose artistic ability is legendary.

Narwhal Fun Facts: The narwhal’s tusk is actually a tooth with millions of nerve endings inside it, meaning they can use it to ‘feel’ or taste.

Narwhal or Monodon Monoceros (Latin) means “one-tooth-one-horn.”

Narwhal is Qilalugaq gernertaq in Inuktitut, which translates to “the one point to the sky.”

Neptune is that one of a kind, breathtaking piece that will be the first carving you will show to your speechless friends. 


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