20" Muskox by Damien Iquallaq *Gentle Giant*

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Damien Iquallaq

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Inuit art: Muskox
Inuit Artist: Damien Iquallaq
Size: 20" long, 12" high, 8" deep. Weight: 58.3 lbs
Community: Cambridge Bay, NU 2019
Stone: Dolomite, Ivory, Alabaster stone 
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Provenance June 2019 - Damien only carves 2 -3 muskox like this a year. He uses a 40,000 year old mammoth tooth (a prehistoric animal) for the eyes. The muskox is draped in a beautiful copper brown dolomite stone. Damien is a master of mixed media.

Masterpiece Carving! Museum Quality Sculpture!

Do not be afraid of the weight of this majestic carving.  It can be picked up easily by a strong person or by two not as strong people!

The salient features of this muskox include a beautiful mixture of stone, bone (for the horns) and Ivory (for the eyes). The dramatic result is this magnificent muskox by Damien Iquallaq.

Over the past few years, Iquallaq has produced the most fantastical muskoxen I have ever seen.

My jaw dropped when I saw Gentle Giant's face.

I can’t recall ever seeing a muzzle on a muskox like this one.

The muzzle begins with the forehead which is massive and rugged. It slopes down and culminates in the wide and ample nostrils. The nostrils are supported by the exaggerated and overly plump lips of the muskox. The dramatic and extravagantly carved muzzle give it a theatrical look.

In my imagination, I see this majestic beast drawing its steaming breath through these nostrils. This animal’s life depends on its ability to draw air through these nostrils and into the lungs. If not for this perfectly engineered complex, this animal would die.

Usually we focus our attention on a muskox’s back hump; on the magnificent horns; on the flowing coat, or the massive size of the mammal.

But this sculpture draws us directly to the face.

Iquallaq has focussed our attention on the muzzle to point out that this huge beast which is so adapted to survive in its harsh environment is dependent on a simple thing like a nose in order to live.



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