19" SIGNATURE Bird Spirit by Toonoo Sharky *Jewel*

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Toonoo Sharky

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Inuit art: Bird Transformation Spirit
Inuit Artist: Toonoo Sharky
Size: 19" high, 11" wide, 9" deep, 28 lbs
Community: Cape Dorset, NU
Stone: Serpentine
id: ndc-226-269430C-ajejj

** This item is Eligible for Layaway Plan

**Toonoo Sharky SIGNATURE Bird carving

Masterpiece Carving! Museum quality Sculpture!

Toonoo Sharky is widely recognized as a major carving talent of the Inuit art world.

This precocious talent began carving at the tender age of ten and entered his first art exhibition while in his teens!

“Jewel* is irrefutable proof of Toonoo’s mastery of carving and his innate ability to contrast a sense of the dramatic against the lightness of humor within his carvings.

Just when I think Toonoo couldn't carve a more innovative or stunning carving, he reaches into his magician's pocket and pulls out a carving that is even more spectacular like Jewel.

His choice of this jeweled tone green stone is a departure from his usual earth coloured palette.

The electrical power in this piece is palpable.

The mesmerizing personality of Jewel reminds us that not only does Toonoo have profound technical skills but he has a magical ability to tease out the spiritual energy from the heart and souls of his creatures.

No doubt, any viewer lucky enough to include Jewel in their art collection, will be the envy of their peers!


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