18" Masterpiece Whale Bone Umiak (Boat) by world famous Bob Kussy & Goota Ashoona

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Bob Kussy

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Inuit art: Umiak (Boat) 
Inuit Artist: Goota Ashoona & Robert Kussy
Size: 18" long, 17" high, 10" wide (Including Ores). 5.4 lbs
Community: Yellowknife, NWT
Stone: Serpentine (faces), caribou antler (torsos), Whale Bone (boat), Marine Coral from Siberian and Alaskan waters.


Museum Quality Sculpture!

U.S. buyers cannot purchase this piece due to whale bone restrictions via customs.

After years of being a Curator of Inuit art, there are still some pieces that come into my gallery that literally leave me speechless!!!

This is one of those pieces.

A piece .....so extraordinary that it deserves a category of its own.

A piece .....that draws you in and holds you a willing captive.

A piece ....that you explore and savour and ultimately come to adore.

A piece that one day you will see listed in an Inuit art auction for $40,000 or more.

All epic carvings tell a story....

This particular sculpture tells the timeless tale of human travel and the fight for survival. Because when man is forced to travel, there is a real danger that he may not survive the journey.

Our Inuit men are travelling. Perhaps to fish or hunt seal. Maybe they are searching for a new camp. Or maybe they are fleeing to safety.

Kussy and Ashoona have carefully and lovingly chosen a walrus to carry our travellers atop the Arctic ocean. This sea creature is a masterful negotiator of the freezing Arctic water. His exquisitely carved tusks are lethal weapons he brandishes to scare away potential predators. Our travellers appear to be safely soaring on his muscular back.

Kussy and Ashoona have placed six men in the boat. Standing one behind the other, they are working as one unit. These men know that their lives depend on their cooperation. They must coordinate all their effort into paddling their boat in order to reach their destination.

We pray that our travellers will safely arrive at their destination; that this will just be a routine trip for them.

The strain of their work is beginning to show on our travellers’ faces...

Kussy and Ashoona are internationally respected master carvers and masterful storytellers.

I believe that what drives this talented pair, is their desire to understand and celebrate man’s complex nature through their medium of carving. Their pieces have a “soul” that is a direct result of Kussy and Ashoona’s compassion for the inhabitants of this world; animals and man included.

I consider myself very lucky to have a remarkable piece like this enter my gallery.

Any collector of Inuit art will recognize the extraordinary beauty of this piece. It has a bohemian essence that is both traditional and sophisticated.

It will easily suit any design style and bring you joy for a lifetime.


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