18" Standing Polar Bear by Inuk Charlie *Arctic Royalty*

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Inuk Charlie

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Inuit Art: Walking Bear
Artist: Inuk Charlie
Dimensions: 18" across (15" vertical), 10" long, 8" wide. 34 lbs
Community: Taloyoak, N.W.T.
Stone: Serpentine
id: d-8839

**Museum Piece

Inuk Charlie is an Inuit carver from the Northwest Territories of Canada.

This is his beautifully rendered Polar Bear on an Ice Floe.

His skill is achieved through his delicate cuts, his mastery of perfect proportions and his affinity for achieving realism in his subjects.

Charlie’s work is pragmatic and raw.

As you study Polar Bear, you begin to feel the bitter Arctic wind on your face. The bleak solitude that this bear endures daily begins to overwhelm you.

This carving tells a story.

The story of a creature that fights to survive every minute of his life. But also a majestic warrior of the Arctic; feared by man and animal alike.

The matte white finish of the stone is the perfect canvas for this carving The black shiny nose and eyes are remarkable in their detail. The nostrils of the nose are symmetrical and so lifelike.

The stone of the ice floe has a subtle brown underlay so it contrasts softly against the more pure white stone of the bear.

What is our Polar Bear searching for? Food? Shelter? His mate?

Polar Bear is a heraldic composition. Inuk Charlie’s is fast becoming an exceptional artist! My astute collectors eagerly await his sculptures.


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