18" Curious Bear by World Famous Manasie Akpaliapik

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Manasie Akpaliapik

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Inuit art: Bear
Inuit Artist: Manasie Akpaliapik
Size: 18" tall, 9" deep, 8" wide. Weight: 38.6 lbs
Community: Arctic Bay, NU
Stone: Marble (high gloss)
id: d-5594gjjjy

Once again, Manasie has crafted another outrageous bear!

He is best known for his spectacular owls but his bears will leave you speechless.

This polar bear is standing on his lower legs assuming a human posture.  His front paws are resting on a large piece of ice as if he is standing at a podium addressing the crowd.  Mouth wide open baring his formidable canine teeth, he is both terrifying and captivating.  His face is soft and juvenile. His  black nose is slightly bulbous imparting a slight cartoonish demeanour. Your heart melts when you see this bear.

You immediately want to claim him as your own.

Manasie with all his wisdom, has chosen this pure white marble with a glossy shine that is brilliant. Its reflective properties spotlight every subtle detail of the sculpture.

Manasie never fails to bring me the most spectacular carvings and this bear is one of the nicest pieces I have had the honour to hold in my gallery.

Manasie ranks in the top three premier Master carvers in the Inuit art world.   He is an international superstar.  Search Google for his extensive list of accolades and achievements.

This is an Investment piece.  You will double your financial efforts in less than ten years.  If I could offer a comparison?  Purchasing a Manasie carving would be comparable to purchasing an Andy Warhol painting as his popularity soared.

This is your opportunity to own a Masterpiece Inuit sculpture by Manasie Akpaliapik, one of the top three Inuit artists in the world.


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