18" Rare Sitting Bear by Nuna Parr *Peaceful Calm*

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Nuna Parr

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Inuit art: Dancing Bear
Inuit Artist: Nuna Parr
Size: 18" across (16" vertical), 12" wide, 8" deep, 38.6 lbs
Community: Cape Dorset, NU 20
Stone: Serpentine
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Masterpiece Sculpture!  Museum-quality Piece!                      

NOTE**  This Arching Back Dancing Bear, is the sculpture style that made Nuna Parr the most respected and cherished Bear carver in the world. He is one of the top five Inuit Master Carvers in Canadian History.
But, Nuna's arching back dancing bear is now extremely rare.  
In the last 2 years, I have had only two arching back bears in the gallery. They were spectacular because the arching back was very exaggerated. 
I have never seen a Nuna Parr Arching Back Dancing bear that is also sitting!

I still haven't fully comprehended the significance of this Nuna Parr bear.


THIS bear is sitting AND also has an arched back!

I looked through my archives and I was correct. 

I have NEVER had a Nuna Parr sitting bear NOR have I seen one. 

Now, the Dancing Bear with an Arching Back has become the quintessential posture for which Nuna has become famous.

This isn't because no one else carves this posture; it is because the consensus is that Nuna excels at creating the Arched Back bear.

And as the years wear on, Nuna understandably is carving fewer sculptures and even fewer Arching Back bears.


I keep looking at this bear as it sits on the shelf in my gallery.

It has a peaceful calmness as if it is sitting and waiting for a message from the heavens. The stone is lovingly polished to a mirror finish.  The dark stone is the perfect choice to allow the viewer to appreciate all the lines and angles in this majestic Parr piece. 

This bear will be only increased in value and will I believe will be worth over six figures.  What a thoughtful inheritance for your family or friends.

Nuna Parr is a supreme Master Carver.  I admire his talent and his years and years of innovative carving.

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