16" Arctic Hare by Johnny Lee Judea *Thumper*

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Johnny Lee Judea

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Inuit art: Arctic Hare
Inuit Artist: Johnny Lee Judea
Size: 16" across (tail to ear), 14" vertical, 11" wide, 7" deep, 28 lbs (large scale)
Community: Kimmirut, NU 19
Stone: Serpentine
id: b-99876ccfjy

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Masterpiece Carving! Museum quality Sculpture! 

What I respect about Johnny Lee, is his infatuation with the enchanting Arctic hare.

From Bugs Bunny to the Easter Bunny, most people love bunnies and rabbits (unless they decimate your garden).  Even then, they have lots of charm.

I have had many Johnny Lee hares.

They are particularly alluring when acquired as a pair!  

Look at this rabbit's face straight on.

Large deep nostrils, Hare lip (no pun intended) sculpted skull and the requisite floppy ears.

This piece is so real,' you"ll hold your breath and wait for it to hop.

And finally, the stone.

This deep forest green stone is gorgeous. Its the perfect camoflauge for an animal who lives on the ground and hides in the flora.

Is there a spot for Thumper in your home?


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