16" Fisherman Shaman by Uriash Puqiqnak *Enchanted*

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Uriash Puqiqnak

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Inuit art: Fisherman Shaman
Inuit artist: Uriash Puqiqnak 
Size: 16" tall
Community: Gjoa Haven, NU 20
Stone: Serpentine3, antler, horse hair
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Masterpiece Carving! Museum-quality Sculpture!

Are you attracted, repulsed or indifferent to the Grotesque style of carving unique to Gjoa Haven?

The more you study these enchanting carvings, the more you open your mind to putting aside judgment, and the more you may be drawn to these exceptional pieces of art.

Start with asking questions.

Why do Puqiqnak's Grotesques sport crooked, short wide-spaced teeth?

HHHmmm? Maybe he is simply carving what he sees? The majority of the world's population does not have a white Hollywood smile.  

Why the sparse horsehair ponytails, the large flared nostrils and the equine-shaped skull? Why are the bodies out of proportion and often kneeling?

I don't know the answers Maybe I'll never know. But I love speculating and sharing my thoughts with other collectors. Isn't that a big part of collecting the art you love?

Now I am strangely attracted to these unorthodox creatures.

 I am always searching for the next  Puqiqnak carving.

This quirky Fisherman with his fur bag full of his tools and his ulu in hand is giving us a quick peek into his everyday life. 

Artists from Gjoa Haven like Puqiqnak, strive to depict their cultural traditions with accuracy but like to temper their message with humor.  

Puqiqnak’s carvings are cherished by collectors who appreciate these strange yet charismatic creatures.

My suspicion is that many Uriash carvings will find their way into Art Museums and auction houses in the years to come. 

You do NOT want to regret that you didn't add an Urish sculpture to your collection when you had a chance.


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