16" Inuk in Kayak Textile Art by Dianne K. *Afloat*

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Inuit art: Kayak
Inuit Artist: Dianne K.
Size: 16” long, 9” tall, 7” wide
Community: Gjoa Haven, NU 21
Material: Cotton canvas, fur, leather
id: c-006

Did you know that in the early 1970s, the Canadian government gave more support to the Arts and Crafts (textile arts) in Gjoa Haven than the carvings or prints?

Which explains why Gjoa Haven today exports many beautiful handmade wall hangings, fabric dolls, and clothes to the South.

Dianne K.’s “Afloat" is handcrafted with precision and love. 

There are so many details on this doll that older children and adults will find fascinating. 

Our happy hunter is wearing a parka adorned with soft brown fur and his carry bag is seal fur.

 His mitts are made with both soft leather and suede. He even wears a wide leather belt.

The details are so sweet.  

There are two spears sporting tiny hooks and the sinew rope is coiled in our Inuk’s hand ready for that moment when an unwitting seal pokes his head above the water.  There are fur pelts on the top of the Kayak and even an extra coil of rope.

Our Hunter gas the biggest smile on his face as he bobs up and down on the surface of the Arctic Ocean.

The art of doll making in the Arctic goes back one thousand years. 

The oldest dolls ever found in Canada are over one thousand years old and were found on Bathurst Island.

At a young age, Inuit girls were taught to sew furs and skins since sewing waterproof clothing was essential to survival.

They often sewed small dolls which could fit into the sleeve or pocket of their parka.

Hunters often hung small dolls on their boats.

This doll would be a treasure for an older child.

It could easily be the inspiration for a lifetime of collecting.


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