17" Muskox by Lucassie Ikkidluaq *Leading the Herd*

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Lucassie Ikkidluak

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Inuit Art: Muskox
Artist: Lukassie Ikkidluaq (Ikkidluak)
Size  17" across (16" horizontal), 9" high, 6" wide, 34 lbs
Community: Iqaluit, NU 19
id: b-3992ajjjjy

** This item is Eligible for Layaway Plan

Masterpiece Sculpture!  Museum quality Carving!

Note** Lucassie carved four Muskoxen in the last year. This piece is from that series. Lucassie only carves a handful of these masterpieces per year. Some years, he only carves one or two pieces.

Carving stone causes many chronic health problems like chronic lung disease, severe arthritis and chronic rotator cuff tears. It is not surprising that our senior Carvers become disabled and with time, carve fewer pieces.

When Lucassie called me and offered me all four of the Muskoxen he had carved in the last year, I was honoured and elated!

To be the only gallery with these new celebrity Muskoxen is extraordinary.

The first piece I acquired for my personal collection was a Lucassie Muskox. For me, it was comparable to being given the chance to own the iconic Pauta Saila's Dancing bear.

In the world of art collecting, there are only a handful of pieces that collectors yearn for. It often takes years for an afficionado to finally be able to be in a position to acquire the cherished piece. And then, the piece must still be available. Oft times, the collector never realizes his/her dream.

BUT, for some of you, the time has come. 

Today could be the day you promised yourself that you would join the exclusive  ranks of those collectors who are now the stewards of a global superstar, a Lucassie Muskox.

It is NOT an exaggeration to say that these sculptures are now in a class of their own.

There are artists for whom I always have a waiting list of clients patiently waiting and hoping for one of their pieces to become available. Lucassie is at the top of the list.

At 17", this is the second largest of the four pieces. This muskox is of course, the quintessential Lucassie Muskox. 

Every muskox Lucassie carves is perfect. The essential exquisite exaggerated hump, the regal horn head piece and the glorious blanket of hair.

His famous Muskoxen are at the very pinnacle of Inuit art. They are quite possibly, THE most sought after and cherished piece of Inuit sculpture today.

I have been waiting for this day for a very long time. 

The day that I would be able to offer my loyal clients the opportunity to fulfill a collector's life long dream.

Additionally, these sculptures have also become increasingly valuable. Five years ago, the market value for Lucassie’s Muskoxen were one third the price of what they are today.

All of his prized Muskox will one day be worth six figures. Guaranteed.

This Muskox will be a treasure that will be passed down through generations. It will have its own story of how Grandpa or Grandmother came to acquire this venerated world renowned piece of art and how it has found a safe and permanent home in your family.

You will never regret the decision to have this beauty in your collection as your most revered piece of art.  It will provide you with joy and awe every day.

See our April 11, 2021 blog Finally! A Lucassie Muskox.


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