15" Hawk by Kelly Etidloie *Stealth*

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Kelly Etidlooie

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Inuit art: Hawk
Inuit Artist: Kelly Etidloie
Size: 14.5" high, ­­7" wide, 7" deep, 6 lbs
Community: Cape Dorset, NU 21
Stone: Serpentine
id: ndc-317-1268731ccjjy

Masterpiece Sculpture!  Momentous movement!

Note** We had a similar black hawk from Kelly several months ago, that was sold very quickly. If your heart skips a beat like it does mine, then do not hesitate on this Masterpiece Hawk.

The blackness of this piece is what won my heart.

Kelly is a genius.

The bird is presented as a menacing shadow, silently floating through the night sky like a Stealth bomber.

Soundless, with minimal flapping of wings, this hawk sweeps down on its prey and within seconds has accomplished its kill.

We boldly assert that this is one of Kelly's best works of art.

This bird is perfect; from the intense deep dark stone to the bent head and menacing beak.

This is a very special sculpture. 

I love the underbelly of the bird.  The spread feet, the large claws and the terrifying beak are perfectly in proportion and are the final essential features that define this fearsome raptor. 

Kelly Etidloie's Hawks are in great demand and are coveted by Inuit art galleries and collectors.  

We are privileged to finally receive this beauty in our gallery.


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