15" Drum Dancing Bear by Etidloie Adla *Phillip*

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Etidloie Adla

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Inuit Art: Drum Dancing Bear with Inukshuk on a Drum
Inuit Artist: Etidloie Adla
Size: 15"tall, 6" wide, 2" deep
Community: Cape Dorset, NU 2/24
Stone: Serpentine
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**Masterpiece Carving! Museum quality Sculpture! Fantastic Movement!

This rare and beautifully crafted 15" Drum Dancing Bear by Etidloie Adla  is stunning.

Etidloie is the brother of internationally regarded bear artist Ashevak Adla.

The rich dark stone is kissed by undulating veins of light green which amplify Phillip's ample curves.

Often the drum and baton are carved using  bone, but Etidloie has chosen to use the same beautiful stone for these pieces. Inukshuk is carved on the drum.

Phil is the quintessential Dorset Dancing bear with a perk.

He Drums and he Dances.

Drum Dancers are an essential element of Inuit culture.

They sing about the history of the Inuit. and they teach the ways of Inuit life.

In a culture with little written documentation of their history. the songs and dance ARE crucial.

Phil is a magnificent sculpture that will be adored by collectors and those who love one of a kind bear carvings.


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