15" Shaman by Morris Alorut *Rescuing a Boy*

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Morris Alorut

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Inuit art: Shaman    
Inuit Artist: Morris Alorut
Size: 15" high, 11" wide, 4" deep 14 lbs
Community: Iqaluit, NU
Stone: Black Marble
id: caps-866003046bbjjy

Fantastic movements. Beautiful black marble.

Alorut has been a prolific carver for several decades. Although he has carved some great works in his lifetime, it is fair to say that this particular sculpture shows that he is at the height of his career.

This Shaman is a Masterpiece, perhaps his magnum opus and certainly a prime example of how a Shaman should be portrayed. 

Carved from a flawless piece of black marble stone, it is exquisitely finished to the highest order of perfection.

The beautiful craftsmanship, the movements, the historical context and  importance of the Shaman in Inuit folklore, speaks to the physical and spiritual relationship between man and spirit.

Morris Alorut is a well established artist and is recognized internationally for his craft. His sculptures are full of life. This is what attracts Inuit art enthusiasts to his works.  


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