15" Walking Bear by Joanie Ragee *Tender Heart*

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Joanie Ragee

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Inuit art: Walking Bear  
Inuit Artist: Joanie Ragee
Size: 15" long, 7" tall, 6" deep, 14 lbs
Community: Cape Dorset, NU 21
Stone: Serpentine
id: dfa-7703Lbdjjy

Masterpiece Sculpture! Museum quality Carving!

This large walking bear is Joanie Ragee at his very best.

Joanie has captured the soul of the Polar bear in this carving.

Look at this piece. 

Start at the nose and savour every aspect of our Bear.

I look at our Bear's face and my heart melts. 

For such a large and muscular animal, one would expect Ragee to give this creature a fierce, frightening and aggressive face.

Instead, I see a gentle almost resigned look on his face, as if this bear understands and accepts his place in this world. 

He knows he will be feared and hunted. 

Few will recognize that he can also be fatherly and tender-hearted under certain circumstances.

The physical aspect of the carving is magnificent.  This green colour with yellow undertones is one of my favourite colours.

Its lightness allows the viewer to appreciate every line and every detail of this captivating piece. 
Joanie Ragee is a talented and skilled carver.  His bears are sought after by art enthusiasts and by those who just love bears.


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