VINTAGE 14" Eskimo & Seal by Joe Ittukalak *On Bended Knee*

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Joe Ittukalak

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Inuit art: Hunter and Seal 
Inuit Artist: Joe Ittukalak RCA (1923-2008)
Size: 14" high, 4" wide, 3" wide
Community: Inukjuak, QC  7/23
Stone: Soapstone
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Masterpiece Carving! Museum quality Sculpture!

**Provence July 2023
This VINTAGE (1988) carving by Joe Ittukalak RCA (1923-2008) is an important piece by a First Generation Master Carver. The Co-op Manager in Winnipeg, Man had been enjoying Joe's carving for many years.  It had been sitting in a place of honour on his desk.  When he retired recently, this magnificent carving was offered to our gallery.
The carving is in pristine condition.

On Bended Knee depicts an Inuit hunter on the ice, pulling his catch of seal from the frigid Arctic water.

Inuits have survived for centuries because of the sacrifice of the seal.

Food, oil, clothing.

The Inuk's facial features are meticulously detailed.

How often do you see such a magnificent mustache and eyebrows on a carving?

I believe that Vintage Inuit carvings have a spirit that differs from the carvings of today.

Are they more connected to history and tradition?

Were the carvers more in synch with Nature?

When you include these older carvings in your collection, you understand that something has just changed.... for the better.


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