14" 2 Way Dancing Bear by Matt Flaherty *Glacial*

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Matt Flaherty

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Inuit art: Two Way Dancing Bear
Inuit Artist: Matt Flaherty
Size: 14" high (13" vertical), 6" wide, 6" deep
Community: Yellowknife, NWT 21
Stone: Marble
id: dfa-6629Pbdjjy

Masterpiece Carving!  Museum quality Sculpture!

It is no secret that I am a huge fan of White bear carvings.

Almost nothing makes me happier than encountering flawless white marble.

This Flaherty Polar bear is carved from one of the purest white marble that I have seen.

This large two way dancing bear is a celebrity piece.

It is an example of what an Inuit carver should want to achieve sometime in their career.

A two way dancing bear can balance on two of its feet or paws.  In this case, he is balancing on either his left or right foot.

This ability to balance a sculpture is extremely difficult.  The artist must by exceptionally talented and experienced.

Enter Matt Flaherty.  His dancing bears are always extraordinarily beautiful.

I love the chunkiness of our Bear's lower body.  He even has a bit of a tummy roll.  This is a healthy Polar bear.  Perhaps he is ready to hibernate. His face is chiselled and slim. 


Make no mistake.  As the light bounces off the marble, you see that this bear is a masterpiece.

Flaherty has proven himself be be a Master carver once again.


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