14" Orcas by Johnnysa Mathewsie *Wild Goose Chase*

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Johnnysa Mathewsie

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Inuit art: Orca Whales
Inuit Artist: Johnnysa Mathewsie
Size: 8" across, (6" vertical) 7" wide
Community: Cape Dorset, NU 21
Stone: White Marble / Serpentine
id: dfa-6002Pijjy

Masterpiece Sculpture!  Museum quality Carving!

Do you know what I love about Inuit Art?

Just when I think I've seen the nicest piece of my life... I am amused, surprised, and astonished to come across a sculpture that is even nicer.

These Orcas are such a piece.

This is the sculpture de jour.

The one that feeds my curator/collector addiction for the next great piece of art.

Johnnysa Mathewsie is the creator of this majestic sculpture. 

My first thought is that the pattern in the black stone couldn't be more perfect. 

It looks like water is streaming over the black shiny skin and this illusion gives the Orcas motion.

Can you feel them frenetically darting along the ocean floor?

Secondly, I love how Johnnysa has created tension by placing the seal just barely ahead of the marauding Orcas.

You can taste the fear emanating from the seal as it stays close to the ocean floor hoping to outmanoeuvre the Orcas. 

What is the chance this poor little seal will win this race?

This sculpture is so true to life I am holding my breath as the pod swims by me. 

My fingers are crossed that these Orcas will lose interest in the pursuit.

And third, I love that this piece tells a story that the viewer can interpret in many ways.

Because, when you decide what the story will be, only then will you make that connection with the piece and it will become yours.

I am always delighted with Orcas.  

This dynamic pod of Orcas and their seal "friend" has captured my heart.

Thank you, Johnnysa Mathewsie.

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