14" SIGNATURE Owl by Palaya Qiatsuq *On a Wing and A Prayer*

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Palaya Qiatsuq

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Inuit art: Owl with Inlay Eyes and Beak       
Inuit Artist: Palaya Qiatsuq
Size: 16" across (14" vertical), 10­­­­" wide, 4" deep, 8 lbs
Community: Cape Dorset, NU 19
Stone: Serpentine
id: dfa-6349Nbhjjy

** This item is Eligible for Layaway Plan

**Palaya Qiatsuq SIGNATURE Owl carving

Masterpiece Sculpture! Museum quality Piece!

When art enthusiasts are bitten by the Inuit carving bug, one of the first sculptures they purchase is Palaya"s signature Owl.

This unorthodox sculpture is at the top of the list of Must Haves for a comprehensive Inuit carving collection.

Why are people drawn to this Owl?

1.  Owls are a favourite subject perhaps because they are wise, and have a unique visage (ie who doesn't love a good owl)?

2.  This Palaya Owl has an edge.  It is modern and also abstract but does not stray too far from a traditional carving style. 

3.  I believe the favourite part of this bird is the face.  The vertical triangular ridge that defines the upper and lower beak is unique to Palaya. And the white wide inlaid eyes  instantly stare you down (like a good predator will do).

4.  People are mesmerized by the Dancing posture and the raised vertical wings that are ready for lift off.

5.  Palaya often uses deep, rich, dark colours which make the white eyes shine like beams of light but this light green stone is perfect. It reminds me of lichen and moss and immediately places the bird in a forest or tundra setting.

Why are you attracted to this remarkable Owl?

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