14" Narwhal Friends by Darryl Siusangnark *Racers*

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Darryl Siusangnark

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Inuit art: Narwhals
Inuit Artist:  Darryl Siusangnark
Size: 14" long with tusk (3" tusk), 5" high, 5" wide
Community: Repulse Bay, NU 19
Stone: Serpentine

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Magnificent Movement!

Darryl has chosen a dramatic dark stone to create this stunning pair of narwhals. 

The stone is gently freckled with white which gives texture to the narwhals' hides.

The winning feature of this piece is the rounded curves of the head, and the torso. The proportions are perfect. The tusks are exquisite.  A narwhal carving MUST have a great tusk.

These narwhal buddies appear to be racing each other. The neck and neck race is too close to call. 

I love the animation of this Siusangnark carving.  You can easily feel the powerful movement of these narwhal friends as they rush past you.

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