14" SIGNATURE Muskox Circle by Jonasie Faber *Herd Mentality*

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Jonasie Faber

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Inuit art: Muskox Circle
Inuit Artist: Jonasie Faber
Size: 13.5" across, 10" deep, 3" high
Stone: Soapstone 1/22
id: d-5567bejjy

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**Jonasie Faber SIGNATURE Muskox Circle carving

Magnificent Carving!  Museum quality Sculpture!

Jonasie Faber is a Master Inuit carver from Greenland who now resides in Canada.

I can't recall another Inuit carver who has created such an elaborate ring of Muskox like Herd Mentality.

Joanasie's style is primitive with a sophisticated edge.

His work has been sold at auction at Sothebys and Waddingtons.

This is a unique and beautiful circle of Muskox. 

Muskox form a circle when they feel threatened. 

Their massive bodies become a shield. 

I love the orange brown stone of this piece. The colour is warm and comforting. 

Herd Mentality is a timeless piece.

In short, this is a Museum piece.

Is there someone you know who would cherish this unique Faber sculpture?

Looking for more carvings from Jonasie? 

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"Saga" is the Protectorate Superstar of the Gallery.


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