14" Come On Let's Go! Johnny Manning

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Johnny Manning

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Inuit art: Dancing Bear
Inuit Artist:  Johnny Manning
Size: 14" across (13" vertical), 7" wide, 7" deep, 9 lbs
Community: Cape Dorset, NU
Stone: Serpentine
id: b-7789afhjy

Here's what I love about this Manning dancing bear.

See his right paw?

He is holding it up in the air with his wrist flexed as if he is beckoning and waving to his friends....."Hey, guys!?  Come on.  Let's go!"

I often wonder if the bear artists deliberately pose their bears or if it is pure coincidence when a bear appears to be boxing, or skating etc. etc.

This is a large bear.  He has a large personality and his apple green color is the perfect match for his effervescent spirit.

Brilliant green marble is a welcome departure from the more traditional dark brown, green and black stone.

Every Inuit art collection should have sculptures in a variety of colors.

Manning is respected for his approach to carving.  He tends to portray his animal subjects in the manner you would find them in nature.

This Manning bear will delight you forever.

See our May 30, 2021 blog Spotlight on the Dancing Bear.


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