14” Totem by Lucas Aaluk Gjoa Haven *Atticus*

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Lucas Aaluk

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Inuit art: Totem
Inuit Artist: Lucas Aaluk
Size: 14" high, 8” wide, 4" deep
Community: Gjoa Haven, NU 21
Material: Caribou bone
id: c-124

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I am fascinated by the ability of the Inuit artists to carve such delicate beauty into the antlers or tusks of a fallen animal.

Images of renaissance tapestries come to my mind. The tapestries depicted scenes from everyday life and were used to illustrate stories, fables and myths.

So too, the rich embroidery carved in bone illustrate symbols and images of everyday Inuit life.

The reverent face of the old Inuk is stunning in its meticulous detail.  The man appears real, as if he would speak if you called his name.

Atticus  has seen many years come and go.  His is a brave and ancient "warrior" who has battled the severe Arctic environment for years.

The points of the antler resemble branches of trees.  

Is this an Inuit version of the tree of life?

Atticus is captivating. 

I suspect you don't have a piece like this in your collection.  


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