14" Perched Owl by Louie Uttaq Gjoa Haven *Hooty*

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Louie Uttaq

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Inuit art: Owl
Inuit Artist: Louie Uttaq                                                                                        Size: 14" high, 6" high, 10" wide
Community: Gjoa Haven, NU 21
Stone: Alabaster
id: c-121

This Arctic Owl is perched high on a rocky cliff, searching for his next meal.

A rabbit,  a lemming or maybe a small fox.  

Hooty isn't fussy,  He just wants a full stomach.

This is a large piece of realistic art. The flecks of gray in the black stone imitate lichen clinging to the rock. 


Louie Uttaq is one of Gjoa Haven's most prolific and talented carvers.  His pieces are always imaginative and sought after.by collectors.

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