13" Duck by Paul Kavik *Lazy Day*

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Paul Kavik

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Inuit art: Duck
Inuit Artist: Paul Kavik
Size: 13" across (12" horizontal), 6" tall, 7" wide, 9 lbs
Community: Sanikiluaq, NU 7/23
Stone: Argillite
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Masterpiece Carving! Magnificent Movement!

Paul Kavik is one of the most renowned Inuit carvers in Sanikiluaq today.

He is versatile and carves many subjects from dogs, to ducks, to polar bears.

Each carving is a Masterpiece and highly valued.

Lazy Day is made from a fine grain rock called Argillite which is essentially clay.

The stone is consistent in its "grain" and its army green colour is soothing.

The finish is silky with a subdued shine. 

Lazy Day is perfection.  Her lines and proportions are exactly that of a real duck. 

Her head and facial features are exquisite.

Paul has a pure love for his animals and birds.

When you have a Paul Kavik sculpture in your home, you will feel the spirit of the stone.

The Inuit will tell you the spirit of the stone will tell them what to carve.

Lazy Day is the result of such a message.


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