13" Seal by Etulu Etidloie

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Etulu Etidloie

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Inuit art: Seal
Inuit Artist: Etulu Etidlodie
Size: 13" long, 4.5" tall, 3" wide, 6 lbs
Community: Cape Dorset, NU
Stone: Serpentine
id: j-62208ijj

The stone which Etidloie chose to carve Basking Seal is truly one of a kind.

I can honestly say that I have never seen such dramatic stone markings.

Imagine this sculpture positioned front and centre in your collection....the light resplendent on the stone...scintillatingly beautiful!

The dark zig zags emblazon the warm soothing caramel colour of the seal. I just couldn’t stop looking at this piece when I first laid eyes on it.

This is a good sized carving. The body of the seal has fluidity and grace. You feel a sense of peace.

Etulu has this effect on people. His carvings have a tender gentleness that draws you to them.

This sculpture is MAGIC personified!

April 1976, Baffin Island Sculpture Exhibition, Baffin Regional School, Iqaluit, Northwest Territories;
March - April 1982, Songs in Stone, The Arctic Circle
Los Angeles, California, USA;
September - October 1984, On the Land, The Arctic Circle, Los Angeles, California, USA;
February 1993, Kunstwerke der Inuit, Presented by CreARTion, Eppstein
in conjunction with the annual meeting of the Association of Canadian Studies
at the Hotel am Badersee, Grainau, Germany



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