13" Polar Bear Head by Joseph Suqslaq Gjoa Haven *Jaws*

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Joseph Suqslaq

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Inuit art: Bear
Inuit Artist: Joseph Suqslaq
Size: 13" across, 12" horizontal, 4" deep, 4" wide
Community: Gjoa Haven, NU 7/2019
Stone: Fieldstone
id: c-004

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Joseph Suqsluq is known for his polar bears.

Inuit art enthusiasts around the world adore his exquisitely detailed pieces.

He has the rare ability to carve movement into his bears.

Each muscle ripples; the jaws slowly open.

Jaws' star feature HAS to be his muzzle!

The black bulbous nose sniffs the air.

I have never seen teeth like these.

The upper and lower teeth are fused which amplifies the menacing sneer of the lips!

And the stone Joseph has selected couldn’t be more realistic.

The sandstone and grey tones add dimension to the fur and swirl around the sculpture defining the perfect ears and mesmerizing eyes.

The swimming bear with neck and head held above the water, always tugs at my heart. It immediately reminds the viewer of the harsh environment these animals must conquer in order to survive.

I love this piece!

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