13" SIGNATURE Walking Bear by Bill Nasogaluak *Tangerine Dream*

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Bill Nasogaluak

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Inuit art: Walking Bear 
Inuit Artist: Bill Nasogaluak
Size: 12.5" long, 6" high, 6" wide, 14 lbs 
Community: Yellowknife, NWT 21
Stone: Alabaster
id: jl-44-756aijjy

**Bill Nasogaluak SIGNATURE Walking Bear carving

Masterpiece Carving!  Museum quality Sculpture!

The highlight of this suave bear is its mercurial Brazilian soapstone.

This tantalizing tangerine coloured stone is so sensual and unusual>

Its allure is undeniable. 

Nasogaluak afficiandos wait patiently for this particular colour of bear to arrive.

They understand how iconic these Nasogaluak bears are and want at least one in their collections.

Nasogaluak is one of the premier master carvers of our time. 

Unfortunately, in recent years he has limited his carving. 

When our gallery does receive one of his carvings, it is always a Masterpiece.  Our clients are always searching for more of his sculptures.

The work of Nasogaluak is center stage and frequently featured in Inuit Art publications.

Nasogaluak’s  Walking Bear is perfection. 

The stone is exquisite and pure with no veins, incursions or flaws.  The finish of the Brazilian stone is smooth and delicious.

The curves and posture of this bear are complex.

I love how Bill has placed the bear on the toes of his left back leg.

His facial features have been carved with precision and soulfulness.  His demeanor is serene.

This Masterpiece Walking Bear is so special I photographed him using multiple angles in order to capture his essence.  I just couldn’t decide which photos to use!


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