13" Eskimo Fiddler by Matt Tunnillie *And The Band Played On* CURATOR'S CHOICE

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Matt Tunnillie

$4,880.00 CAD

Inuit Art: Fiddle Player
Inuit Artist: Matt Tunnillie
Dimensions: 13" high, 13" wide, 6" deep
Community: Cape Dorset, NU 6/22
Stone: Serpentine
id: ndc-88-1251587cfejy

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Matt Tunnillie's Fiddler is a Curator's Choice for two reasons.
First, it educates the viewer about day to day Inuit life in today's Far North.
Knowledge fosters understanding.
And second, from the moment you lay eyes on this piece, your foot starts tapping.
I love when a carving has this type of visceral effect on the viewer.
And The Band Played On had to be a CURATOR'S CHOICE. 

Masterpiece carving! Museum quality Sculpture! Magnificent Movement!

Did you know that the Inuit love their fiddles?

I look at this Tunnillie sculpture and honestly, I could see the bow start to move across the strings and my foot began to tap!

Only a few artists have this kind of visceral effect on the viewer.

Matt Tunnillie is one of these rare and exceptional artists.

This Inuit fiddler has so much personality.  He is large and square and proudly holds his fiddle high. His upper body is much larger than his legs giving him a bit of a cartoonish appearance. But this Inuk is a serious musician.

I love how big his fingers are!  How can such a big hand wield a somewhat delicate bow without breaking it?

This scene has a magical quality that ranks it as one of Tunnillie's most delightful works of art.

This is someone's opportunity to own a timeless Inuit sculpture from a respected and talented carver.


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