14" Bear with Fish by Lyta Josephie

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Lyta Josephie

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Inuit art: Bear with Fish
Inuit Artist: Lyta Josephie
Size: 13.5" long, 7" tall, 5" wide, 14 lbs
Community: Iqaluit, NU
Stone: Serpentine
id: ndc-102-263033cajy

Lyta Josephie is recognized for his fastidious attention to detail. Josephie’s vision of the Far North is distinct, complex and richly embroidered. His artworks will bring soul to your collection.

Lyra has a magical ability to “custom make” each of his creatures by selecting the perfect colour and texture of stone.

We are so happy to show you Lyta’s “Walking bear with fish”. This is an exquisite piece.

The heavily speckled black, taupe and gold marble of the bear is enchanting. The oversized speckles exaggerate the bear’s physical strength. And as our gaze moves from rump to head, we are suddenly stopped dead in our tracks by the stunning contrast between the mottled forest floor coloured stone of the body and the luminous apple green fish struggling in the mouth of the beast!

Every carving has a story that it wants to share. This is a very special moment.... when a sculpture begins to tell its story.

Each of us will hear a different story. That is the beauty of art.

It is so personal and speaks to us alone.

For me, I see a large fish and at any moment this hungry bear could lose its grip on the fish’s tail.

Is this fish still alive and taking a brief rest before it resumes the struggle for its life OR

Is the bear already the victor, having already squeezed the life out of the char?

In this moment, we are confronted by the reality of life in the wild. This bear must find food in order to survive. This fish must give up its life in order for the bear to live. This is the chain of life.

A collection is a sum of many parts. As collectors we love our sculptures whose physical beauty takes our breath away.

But we cannot ignore the pieces that invite the viewer to go beyond the obvious physical beauty of a piece. These dynamic pieces ask us to look and to listen. To scratch below the surface because there is a story that longs to be heard.

Lyta’s art invokes visions of the works of Nunavat Master carvers Jimmy Iqaluq, Pitseolak Qimirpik and Napatchie Sharky.

“Walking bear with fish” is an authentic Inuit carving which is signed on the bottom by Lyta Josephie.



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