12" Working Qulliq (Seal Oil Stove) by Dale Ford

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Dale Ford

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Inuit art: Qulliq
Inuit Artist: Dale Ford
Size: 11.5" long, 1.5" high, 7" wide
Community: Goose Bay, Labrador 21
Material: Stone Medium
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Qulliq is an Inuit lamp/stove.

The stone is carved to form a rounded shape, with a depression at the top to hold the fuel which is usually seal oil.

A Qullik was traditionally a source of light and heat for Inuit people.

Museum-quality piece by world-famous Dale Ford

This is an actual working Qillaq Oil Lamp.

I do not often see the combination of uniqueness and tradition in an Inuit carving.

This Qulliq is both unique and traditional.

Often, a unique piece is carved in the modern style and is frequently abstract.

This piece however, is different in the sense that it depicts the traditional Inuit way of life.

Inside the igloo, the Inuit would use this oil stove for cooking and for warmth.

Seal oil is extracted from seal blubber (fat).

Imagine having this beautiful "stove" as a conversation piece in your collection.

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