VINTAGE 12" Narwhal by Jaco Ishulutak *Gold Bouillon*

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Jaco Ishulutak

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Inuit Art: Narwhal
Artist: Jaco Ishulutak
Dimensions: 12" Across (Tail to head including tusk), 6" high
Community: Iqaluit, NU 11/23
Stone: Serpentine

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Magnificent Carving! Museum quality Sculpture!

This is the only time I have seen an Inuit carving in this incredible metallic gold colour.

The thin black veins that cover the piece like a fine lace, create the impression of fast flowing water caressing this majestic narwhal as it travels through the deep water of the Arctic Ocean.

Jaco's forte is his penchant for carving EPIC pieces.

There is nothing tame about a Jaco carving.

With Gold Bouillon, he has stayed away from the realistic style and instead has chosen this stunning abstract narwhal.

Suddenly, we see square angles, triangles and diamond shapes where we would typically see the muscular lines of a traditional realistic sculpture.

With abstraction, the viewer is given the chance to interpret the narwhal in a more personal way.

For me, I see the incredible strength of the animal amplified by the geometry of the piece.

Gold Bouillon is a rare beauty. 

It truly takes your breath away.


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