12" Mother and Calf Belugas by Jimmy Iqaluq *In Tandem*

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Jimmy Iqaluq

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Inuit art: Mother and Calf Beluga Whales  
Inuit Artist: Jimmy Iqaluq
Size: 12" long, 8" high, 3" wide
Community: Sanikiluaq, NU 6/22
Stone: Argillite
id: d-3398hjjy

Masterpiece Sculpture!  Magnificent Movement!

The human species reveres the mother and child relationship.

We are drawn to the selflessness and courage of mothers as they protect their offspring and devote their lives to seeing their children become independent adults.

Of course, the father and child relationship is as poignant, but sadly, not as commonly depicted.

This Beluga whale pair are enjoying pure joy as they play in the ocean.

This play is also a form of education for the calf.

The young calf is in a dominant position over his mother as he swims above her, his small but strong tail propelling him forward.  

She maintains constant guard against impending danger.

Jimmy explores the maternal bond as it exists in an unforgiving environment.

The light moss green colour of the mother emphasizes the deep jet black colour of the calf.

Jimmy has carved the female's face (with her Beluga “beak”) with meticulous and loving detail.

Her face is cherubic and pensive. She symbolizes  motherly love.  

The concern for the welfare of her child is pervasive.

Jimmy Iqaluq is always reinventing himself.  

He pushes the envelope, looking forward and evolving in his art form.  

I am thrilled to bring this majestic Iqaluq sculpture to my clients.

Without an Iqaluq carving, your collection would not be complete.


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