12" Loon Decoy by Jack Haggerty *Birds of a Feather*

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Jack Haggerty

$1,480.00 CAD

Inuit art: Loon Decoy
Inuit Artist: Jack Haggerty
Size: 12" long, 5" deep, 4" wide
Community: Winnipeg, MB 9/22
Material:  Wood
id: caps-821004382dejy

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Have you ever wondered why hunters use bird decoys?

In using a decoy, hunters capitalize on a bird's territorial nature to lure them out into hunting range.

Bird researchers or photographers also use decoys to lure birds into the open.

Haggerty's loon decoy is carved from beautiful golden red wood. 

The bird has a happy countenance with its open mouth and protruding orange-red eye with a black pupil.

Bird decoys have evolved over the years.  

They were originally carved from wood and often painted as a realistic portrayal of a specific bird like a mallard duck, Canada goose, etc.

With modern work material, many decoys are now manufactured with synthetic materials like plastics.

Birds of a Feather is an artistic piece.

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