12" Hunter by Dale Ford *Patience*

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Dale Ford

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Inuit art: Drum Dancer 
Inuit Artist: Dale Ford
Size: 11.5" high, 7" wide, 6" wide
Community: Goose Bay, Labrador 5/22
Material: Stone & Caribou Antler
id: d-8828bjjjy

Masterpiece Carving!  Museum quality Sculpture!

What are the features of this Hunter that let you fall in love with it?

For me, it is the flawless rich stone and the meticulous construction of the piece.

God is in the details and the details of the face alone are awe-inspiring.

Take a close look at the facial features.  The cherubic countenance, the definition of the Inuk's hair, the deep-set eyes, and the voluptuous lips are magnificent. 

One would expect this kind of carving in a larger sculpture but this Inuk's face is atmos,t about an inch and a half.  

It would be so simple for the artist to present the piece with a more primitive face but instead, Dale has taken the extra time to carve a face that describes the emotions the Inuk is feeling as he bangs his drum.

Dale is an artist committed to and inspired by his craft.

This is an exquisite carving.


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